Stream of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 11

Stream of Thought is Warui Deshou’s “episodic blog,” our takes on currently airing shows as they air, one episode at a time.

Subs and Shadon discuss episode eleven of Winter 2018’s Darling In The Franxx.

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Episode 8: Berserk / Part 1 of 2

Warui Deshou is back to talk about one of our most beloved anime series, Berserk (the 1997 anime ONLY). We all really love this show and hope we can do it justice with this eighth episode.

In addition to talking about the creator of the manga and the staff behind the 97 anime as well as our personal experiences with the franchise, we discuss the following topics: was Griffith a “bad apple” from the start? were the events in the anime fated to occur? why did Griffith make the choices he made in the final acts of the show? how hot is Griffith? how horrible is the eclipse? is Casca a good character or is she too undermined? All this and so much more in this episode of Warui Deshou!

As usual, this is a long podcast, so use the timecodes to skip around as you see fit.

Producer/editor (and music selector): Vorgelia

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00:02:01 – Introduction and Opening Question
00:34:06 – Background, Context & Personal History
01:13:49 – Food For Your Weeb Life
01:20:48 – Berserk SPOILER-FREE Discussion & Recommendations
01:48:11 – Vorgelia Reads Fan Fiction
01:58:04 – Berserk In-depth Discussion [SPOILERS]
04:13:26 – Outro

1:26 – Mitsuharu Fukuyama – Spicy Brass Squad
33:15 – Yakuza 0 OST – Breeze Time
1:13:00 – Chihiro Aoki – Quiet Mode
1:13:53 – Chihiro Aoki – Casino
1:47:40 – Chihiro Aoki – Highway
1:53:28 – POPHOLIC – Hello Beast
1:57:40 – Chihiro Aoki – BAR クレスト – Rainy –
3:21:33 – Soil & PIMP Sessions – The World Is Filled By…

Featuring outtakes from the Media Blasters dub of the Berserk 1997 anime.