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Doc was recently a guest on the excellent Anime Podcast of Some Sort hosted by David J. Majors and Jack.  We ran down some news items and just chewed the nerdiest of fat.  For details on what we dug into, see the show notes below that I pasted from the APOSS page.

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Jack & Djm have recovered from their respective cross-continent illness and are back in your ears!

We’re joined by The Subtle Doctor, host of Warui Deshou, to talk about Gunbuster possibly having a future, and why Dragon Maid is still inexcusable.

Sad news from Japan—the RX 78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam statue is being taken down, but all hope is not lost! We need a rave party in Tokyo!

Later, a manga “expert” dives into the numbers of successful genres of manga and why women read what they choose to read. Jack calls shenanigans on the whole thing.

Djm & Subs (Mr. The, if you’re nasty) pontificate over what the hell Steve Aoki was thinking with that Ghost in the Shell song remix, and just how far does David’s pretentious sci-fi love take him.

All this, and the Nintendo Switch. There was no cartridge licking.

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Valhalla - Image 2

Happy St Patricks Day everyone! Warui Deshou is getting the next round in with a bonus cast on a very special game called VA-11 HALL-A. Developed by Sukeban Games and published by Ysbryd Games in 2016, VA-11 HALL-A is exactly what it says on the tin: Cyberpunk Bartending Action.

Or is it? Is there more to the bar and the people who frequent it? Can dogs really talk? Can an AI experience an orgasm? Is social media subtly eroding our senses of reservation and personal privacy? And is it possible for someone to own a pet bear?

All of these issues and more are discussed within the cast, so crack open a cold one and join The Subtle Doctor and Shadon as they discuss their mutual GOTY 2016, complete with positives and negatives, plus discussion of dystopian fiction, drinking games, mousemats with boobs and of course booze, glorious, glorious booze.

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Sukeban Games Website

Michael Kelly’s Bandcamp

Buy VA-11 HALL-A on Steam

Featuring the music of T Pain ft. Akon, Reel Big Fish, and of course Michael Kelly.

Speaking of whom, massive shout outs to Michael Kelly aka Garoad for his continuing permission to use his music on the podcast. We’re immensely grateful for this and would highly recommend you give him a shout out on Twitter for creating such a brilliant OST.

A few things re the cast and what’s happened since it was recorded:

  • This podcast was recorded in two parts which have been gelled into one, so there may be some slight differences in audio levels after a certain point.
  • Also, Shadon recorded at 0600 his time on both occasions, hence why his voice sounds like he’s been gargling gravel. It’s probably better than his usual voice.
  • Since the recording of this podcast, an update for VA-11 HALL-A has come out that gives players both the Demo and the Prologue content for free, as if you needed a further reason to buy this amazing game.
  • The Demo, best we can tell, is no longer available to download as a standalone sadly. But trust us, it’s well worth the asking price for the full product.

Valhalla - Image 1

Time Codes:

00:00:17 – T-Pain ft Akon – Bartender

00:01:48 – A 45% ABV full bottle of VA-11 HALL-A discussion, story, characters, music, the works. Expect spoilers throughout.

03:24:57 – Reel Big Fish – Beer