Bounty Dog on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

It’s another Mystery Bando Theater 19XX! This time out, Shadon and TheSubtleDoctor do a commentary track for 1994’s most yellow anime OAV, Bounty Dog. Get ready for the truth about the moon, slow typing and a dude that takes out an enemy by beating them with their twin. At the end, we also give a brief postmortem on the thing.

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Macross 82-99 “Bad Girl”
Moe Shop “Pretty Please”
Trifect “Pocari”
El Huervo “Jens”
Sasac “Marketing Cloud”
Michael Kelly “CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown”


GUEST SPOT – TheSubtleDoctor on Third Seat By The Window

The Subtle Doctor joins Buggy and Chris to talk about critical analysis in the anime fandom, how to get into it, and where it’s succeeding and failing.

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