Christmas Ghibli #3 – Princess Mononoke

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This is our third and final Christmas Ghibli of 2019! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series, as doing it has been an absolute blast. As usual, Doc & Shadon sit down and discuss their thoughts on a Ghibli for two and a half hours. It’s a good time!

We talk about the creatives involved with the movie, mostly Hayao Miyazaki this time out. We gathered up some interesting quotes and fun anecdotes to share. Then, we move on to praise the Joe Hisaishi and the music, the English dub penned by Neil Gaiman, characters Ashitaka and Lady Eboshi, empathy, villains, living in our present, compromised reality, and many many more topics.

Lady Eboshi Is Wrong by Innuendo Studios

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BONUS EPISODE: Tokyo Godfathers – Yuletide Charm

Shadon tackles another Patreon request, this time with the seminal Satoshi Kon directed Christmas classic Tokyo Godfathers. Join him as he covers the film’s technical and visual fidelity, voice acting talent, it’s examination of empathy, heroism and the issues homeless people face, all while being wrapped in a delightful package of wit and heart. Don’t be a Grinch, give it a listen!

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BONUS EPISODE: Guilty Crown: Christmas Coal

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It wouldn’t be a proper Warui Deshou Christmas without us covering something truly rubbish, so because I like to cater to my audience and indulge my inner masochist all at once, here’s an audio essay from yours truly about Guilty Crown, a 2011 anime that feels like it was made almost entirely from post consumer products straight off an assembly line for how bland and all around terrible it is.

So join me on a yuletide journey through why Guilty Crown is more a marketing gimmick than an actual show with a story as I cover things like the weak characterisation, laughable attempts at serious plots, shameless pandering on every level and, of course, the lead character riding a segway into battle. It can only be Guilty Crown, where innovation is taken out behind the shed and blown to bits with a double barrelled shotgun.

I hope you all enjoy this one, and I look forward to creating more longform content for you all in 2020! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

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Christmas Ghibli #2 The Tale of Princess Kaguya

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Hello everyone! It’s round two of our Christmas Ghibli’s with The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a much more recent entry into their filmography with a number of substantial differences in it’s production and time of release, but nonetheless leaving quite a mark on myself and Doc.

Myself and Doc are hardly experts on, well, anything, so we find a certain trepidation in covering Ghibli works given the abundance of critical literature on them, and Kaguya is no exception as one of their most recent works. Nonetheless, we march on and talk at length about the film’s production and background before tackling the film’s themes and ideas on identity, roles, the defiance of simply living and much more!

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful Patrons who make these podcasts possible. You’re all awesome!

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Christmas Ghibli #1 – Laputa: Castle In The Sky

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Welcome to the first episode of the first ever Christmas Ghiblis! We’re so excited to share our love and admiration for this studio, these creators and these films with all of you. We subconsciously associate the holiday season with these movies in our minds, so this felt like the right time to do these episodes. Creating something like the Christmas Ghiblis felt a bit intimidating, as we are far from experts. However, in addition to our cursory research, we also bring to the table our own unique emotional experiences with the films, and we believe these are valuable in their own right, as well as entertaining.

Doc and Shadon deep dive into the first film produced under the Studio Ghibli name, Laputa: Castle In The Sky. We talk about creators Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, and Joe Hisaishi, and what these guys have to say about the film. We also discuss what we think the film’s core themes to be such as: humanity’s sense of discovery, a turn to the post-modern, the moral ambiguity of technology, believing in order to understand, hiddenness, and more! Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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