Episode 4: Macross Frontier / Part 2


It’s the second and final part of Warui Deshou’s Macross Frontier Spectacular!  In it, we dive deep into spoiler territory, discussing such burning questions as: Ranka or Sheryl?  Can music really make a social impact in our own world?  Would we watch Macross without the alien warfare?  We also talk a good deal about the Macross “canon,” Kawamori’s view of humanity, the power of culture, Klan Klang and more.  Also: email and twitter.

Special thanks go to Jimmy Gnome, and normal, usual thanks go to Shadon.  I had so much fun!  I have deeply enjoyed working on this two-part episode and feel proud to celebrate Macross Frontier with all of you through it.

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sheryl throw card

Time Codes

00:00:00 – Nyan Nyan

00:00:35 – Macross 82-99 “Miss Macross”

00:01:22 – Macross Frontier in-depth discussion. Spoilers alllll over the place.

01:37:37 – Toshiki Kadomatsu “Sea Line Rie”

01:38:32 – The Giant Beastcast is over on Giant Bomb Dot Com. It’s great!

01:39:57 – DEBIRUMAN

01:40:27 – Lynn Minmay “My Time to Be a Starrrrrrr”

01:41:28 – Yasunori Iwasaki “Kisei”

01:41:50 – Correspondence

02:36:52 – Wrap-up, plugs, etc.

02:47:20 – Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) “Seikan Hikou”


Dog Soldier on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Warui Bando Theater 19XX!  Here, the Warui Deshou Team will provide you with a gripping commentary track to choice anime films (read: they are really bad).  Click the video below or the YouTube link to watch the movie with commentary track built in, or download the audio and sync it yourself.

Our maiden voyage brings us face to face with John Kyosuke Hiba, aka THE DOG SOLDIER.  This glorious 1989 OAV features copious and unnecessary flashbacks, old video game consoles disguised as control panels, the worst use of baseball in anime, and some embarrassing ignorance about AIDS.  Enjoy!

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