Episode 4: Macross Frontier / Part 2


It’s the second and final part of Warui Deshou’s Macross Frontier Spectacular!  In it, we dive deep into spoiler territory, discussing such burning questions as: Ranka or Sheryl?  Can music really make a social impact in our own world?  Would we watch Macross without the alien warfare?  We also talk a good deal about the Macross “canon,” Kawamori’s view of humanity, the power of culture, Klan Klang and more.  Also: email and twitter.

Special thanks go to Jimmy Gnome, and normal, usual thanks go to Shadon.  I had so much fun!  I have deeply enjoyed working on this two-part episode and feel proud to celebrate Macross Frontier with all of you through it.

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sheryl throw card

Time Codes

00:00:00 – Nyan Nyan

00:00:35 – Macross 82-99 “Miss Macross”

00:01:22 – Macross Frontier in-depth discussion. Spoilers alllll over the place.

01:37:37 – Toshiki Kadomatsu “Sea Line Rie”

01:38:32 – The Giant Beastcast is over on Giant Bomb Dot Com. It’s great!

01:39:57 – DEBIRUMAN

01:40:27 – Lynn Minmay “My Time to Be a Starrrrrrr”

01:41:28 – Yasunori Iwasaki “Kisei”

01:41:50 – Correspondence

02:36:52 – Wrap-up, plugs, etc.

02:47:20 – Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) “Seikan Hikou”


Episode 4: Macross Frontier / Part 1


Iteza gogo kuji don’t be laaaaaaaaate for part one of our Macross Frontier spectacular!  While Vorgelia couldn’t make it for this one (she’s off making video games) Shadon and Doc are joined by a couple of outstanding special guests: Jimmy Nome and Gwyn Campbell.

Folks, the fix is in: we’re all in the tank for this show.  Even relative Macross neophyte, Shadon, really really digs Frontier.  In fact, all of us gush about our love for Macross Frontier and other iterations of Macross.  We talk about what Macross means to us, our first encounters with the series, Harmony Gold, how Macross distinguishes itself from other space opera, whether Frontier should be your first Macross and more.

Since Gwyn lives in Japan, he brings a really cool perspective about Macross and its fandom there as contrasted with its fandom abroad.  He talks about how Frontier was received, who was watching it, the Frontier fan gatherings and live concerts, pachinko and what we thought was HUGE and game-changing information about the Macross canon.

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anime we talk about:
Macross Frontier, SDF Macross, Macross Plus, Do You Remember Love, Macross Zero, Macross 7, Mayoiga, Ojamajo Doremi, Mobile Fighter G Gundam

video games we talk about:
Ys SEVEN, Trails of Cold Steel, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Resident Evil VII


Time Codes:

00:00:00 – Wave Motion Cannon Ad: Live from Galactic Fairy Tour
00:01:56 – In the beginning was the song…
00:02:25 – “Every Day Night Night” Michael Kelly / Garoad (our usual opener)
00:03:01 – Introduction / Catch up with the hosts
01:03:47 – “Seikan Hikou” Platina Jazz (an AMAZING version of the show’s best song
01:04:18 – “What is ‘Stay Dead’?” Giant Bomb…who again is not paying me to run these spots; I just like them
01:05:17 – That’s pretty arrogant…I like that in a pilot.
01:05:53 – “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins was removed to to copyright restrictions on the video being played in Germany. I like Germany, so, in order that anyone there have the ability to play the video, we removed this bit of the song.
01:06:33 – Macross Frontier discussion, spoiler-free of course. We talk about what Macross means to us, our first encounters with the franchise, Harmony Gold, should Frontier be your first Macross, and so much more!
02:18:28 – “My Girl Is Calling Me A Liar” by Chromeo was removed due to copyright restrictions
02:20:10 – “What is a triangle?” BodhaGuru Learning
02:20:41 – “Boyfriend” Best Coast
02:21:09 – SPOILER WARNINGS – There are spoilers for the Frontier TV series and second film in the following interview, but they are toward the end.
02:21:42 – Gwyn Campbell from The Speaker Podcast joins us from Japan to talk Frontier, Macross fandom east and west, pachinko, Macross canon, concerts, and so much more! Special thanks to Gwyn for sharing his unique perspective with us, as he has professional proximity to Macross that none of the Warui Deshou Team have.

And that’s all for part one! Stayed tuned for part two.