Christmas Special 2016



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry MegaChristmas, Festivus and all the rest of it!  Warui Deshou is proud to bring you what we hope will become a holiday tradition, our Holiday Special.  Join Vorgelia, Doc and Shadon as they count down their top five anime of the year, play a few games, share some laughs, and thank some folks who’ve helped out Warui Deshou along the way this year.  There might even be a visit from our old pal, Zyvox.  We all hope this will make your holiday a bit brighter.  We love you all!  Thank you for listening, and Merry Christmas!

As a Christmas gift to ourselves, we didn’t edit this episode.  We filtered the tracks as usual, but no fine-tuning, cutting and pasting nonsense.  As such, you will hear some cross talk, some jokes we’d normally cut, some coughing, some silences.  Think of this as a live-to-tape sort of show.  We will bring back our editing hand next time, we promise!

THIS IS NOT OUR TYPICAL FORMAT.  Check numbered episodes to get an idea of what the show is usually like.

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This show features music by Michael Kelly, Frank Sinatra and myuu, with sound effects from  Zyvox’s Computer is voiced by Code Welt as always, and our lady robot is voiced by as always.

Episode 4: Macross Frontier / Part 2


It’s the second and final part of Warui Deshou’s Macross Frontier Spectacular!  In it, we dive deep into spoiler territory, discussing such burning questions as: Ranka or Sheryl?  Can music really make a social impact in our own world?  Would we watch Macross without the alien warfare?  We also talk a good deal about the Macross “canon,” Kawamori’s view of humanity, the power of culture, Klan Klang and more.  Also: email and twitter.

Special thanks go to Jimmy Gnome, and normal, usual thanks go to Shadon.  I had so much fun!  I have deeply enjoyed working on this two-part episode and feel proud to celebrate Macross Frontier with all of you through it.

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sheryl throw card

Time Codes

00:00:00 – Nyan Nyan

00:00:35 – Macross 82-99 “Miss Macross”

00:01:22 – Macross Frontier in-depth discussion. Spoilers alllll over the place.

01:37:37 – Toshiki Kadomatsu “Sea Line Rie”

01:38:32 – The Giant Beastcast is over on Giant Bomb Dot Com. It’s great!

01:39:57 – DEBIRUMAN

01:40:27 – Lynn Minmay “My Time to Be a Starrrrrrr”

01:41:28 – Yasunori Iwasaki “Kisei”

01:41:50 – Correspondence

02:36:52 – Wrap-up, plugs, etc.

02:47:20 – Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) “Seikan Hikou”