Street Fighter Alpha on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

The Warui Deshou crew attempt to do a commentary track and post-mortem on turn of the century anniversary project, Street Fighter Alpha (starring Chun Li’s crotch) but it leaves them all K.O.’d.

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Yoko Shimomuraā€ˇ “Guile’s Theme”

Sasac “Marketing Cloud”

Bounty Dog on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

It’s another Mystery Bando Theater 19XX! This time out, Shadon and TheSubtleDoctor do a commentary track for 1994’s most yellow anime OAV, Bounty Dog. Get ready for the truth about the moon, slow typing and a dude that takes out an enemy by beating them with their twin. At the end, we also give a brief postmortem on the thing.

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Macross 82-99 “Bad Girl”
Moe Shop “Pretty Please”
Trifect “Pocari”
El Huervo “Jens”
Sasac “Marketing Cloud”
Michael Kelly “CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown”