Psychic Wars on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

Shadon and Subs return for another episode of Mystery Bando Theater, and this time they endure Soujuu Senshi Psychic Wars! This craptastic 1991 OAV produced the least enthusiastic English dub of all time as well as a doctor punching cancer. Also, time travel is involved. Buckle up.

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Time Codes:

00:01:13 – Intro
00:06:21 – Psychic Bores
00:57:02 – Post mortem

Macross 82-99 “Bad Girl”
Rukunetsu “New Illusion (Q Mix)”
Skule Toyama “Before”
Blue Oyster Cult “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”

Street Fighter Alpha on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

The Warui Deshou crew attempt to do a commentary track and post-mortem on turn of the century anniversary project, Street Fighter Alpha (starring Chun Li’s crotch) but it leaves them all K.O.’d.

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Yoko Shimomura‎ “Guile’s Theme”

Sasac “Marketing Cloud”