The Fan Service Question Or: Do Ethical Defects Mar Works Of Art?

Is an ethical defect of a work of art relevant to its aesthetic evaluation?

We haven’t really done a topical, non-anime-specific show before. Let us know if you like it and want to see more.

Subs & Shadon (and their squeaky office chairs) use the oft-discussed anime trope of fan service to explore some more general questions re: aesthetics, media and art. We were inspired to have this discussion after watching an excellent video by Ollie Thorn aka Philosophy Tube on this very topic:

Ollie defines the concept of an ethical defect and explores some possible answers to the question posed above. We also echo the definition and proceed to have a far less concise discussion about all the topics mentioned earlier.

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中路もとめ; “PAPAYA”
Michael Kelly “Every Day Is Night” (Live Arrange)
Lady’s Only “Digital Tattoo”
Michael Kelly “CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown”

GUEST SPOT – “Gelato is a Lie!” The Subtle Doc on The Blade Licking Thieves Podcast

Doc was a guest on the excellent Blade Licking Thieves podcast!  Huge thanks to Grant, The Heat and Zen for having him along for the ride.  You all should totally subscribe to their podcast…if you like smart, funny things.  See the show notes below for the episode description.

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Blade Licking Thieves
Show Notes

Today’s episode is a bit different than usual, as we’ve thrown out the usual review episode format and in its place have a special bonus episode featuring guest and friend of the show TheSubtleDoctor.  You can find Doc’s writing at The Fandom Post and the excellent Wave Motion Cannon; or, you can hear him as one of the hosts on the awesome Warui Deshou Podcast — if you haven’t yet checked any of those fine things out, get on it!  So, join us for a mostly thoughtless and ill-informed discussion on a variety  topics, such as our thoughts on fanservice, Gundam, Gelato, the latest news, and just what the heck is anime anyways!?

Warning: explicit language advisory.

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