BONUS EPISODE – Anime Dads’ Club

DADLIEST CATCH: Two anime dads talking anime, dads, and anime dads.

TheSubtleDoctor and Ian Harper from the Retro Anime Podcast have a chat about anime, fatherhood, and fatherhood in anime. We talk about our kids’ relationships with anime and a litany of anime fathers including: bad fathers, good fathers and distant fathers. Gendo Ikari may be mentioned.

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Theme: “Every Day Is Night” by Michael Kelly


Miss Hokusai – Companion Piece #2

Doc and “Annie” return to discuss the recent Production I.G. film Miss Hokusai. Check the timecodes if you want to bypass a lengthy talk about the history of the Edo Period as well as the actual historical figures depicted in the movie and get straight into the meat of the film itself.

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00:00:00 – 00:03:54 // Intro
00:03:55 – 00:29:02 // History of The Edo Period & the characters
00:29:02 – 01:48:05 // Discussion of Themes/Characterization including: the film’s ontology, the nature of perception and its relationship to reality, inspiration, the creative process, family life, and more!

Theme – Beyonce and Jay-Z “Bonnie & Clyde”

Street Fighter Alpha on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

The Warui Deshou crew attempt to do a commentary track and post-mortem on turn of the century anniversary project, Street Fighter Alpha (starring Chun Li’s crotch) but it leaves them all K.O.’d.

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Yoko Shimomura‎ “Guile’s Theme”

Sasac “Marketing Cloud”

Paprika – Companion Piece #1


Introducing a new podcast project happening under the Warui Deshou umbrella: Companion Piece! The Subtle Doctor and his IRL Waifu, Best Girl “Annie” sit down to discuss Satoshi Kon’s Paprika after just finishing it for the first time. They talk its themes and motifs including: dreams, technology, the necessity of art, reconciliation, acceptance and so much more!

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Theme – Beyonce and Jay-Z “Bonnie & Clyde”

BONUS EPISODE – Kado: The Right Answer

Shadon and The Subtle Doctor break down Spring 2017’s sci-fi/political drama, Kado: The Right Answer (aka Seikaisuru Kado). The first hour is spoiler free, but BE WARNED: the rest of the cast spoils the show entirely.

Normally We would give a bit of a summation of the show, but it’s best to go into it as blind as possible if you can.  So, ideally, you’ll have watched some or all of the show before listening to this.

We talk about what succeeded and what failed in Kado, macguffins, the history of 3DCG anime, categories of hard and soft science fiction and much more!  The boys really dive deep for this one, and we hope you enjoy.

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Playlist includes:
Garoad – Every Day is Night
Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
capt beard – Going Up?
Yasunori Mitsuda – To The Brink of Time
Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Daisuke Ishiwatari – Django Django
Daisuke Ishiwatari – Still In The Dark
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones
Rollomatik – We Love To Party
Makeup and Vanity Set – Solo Nabre
Makeup and Vanity Set – There is No Law Here
Whitney Houston – And I Will Always Love You
Mark Snow – Illuminati
Garoad – CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown

Episode 7: Gunbuster & Diebuster / Part 1

Warui Deshou returns with a trip into the past to explore two slices of anime all about the future: Gainax’s fifteen year spanning double bill of Gunbuster & Diebuster, two shows about giant mecha and small ladies fighting to save humanity from incomprehensible space kaiju.

Possibly Warui Deshou’s most divisive show to date, the opinions on this one are split along every axis you can imagine: Doc loves both shows, Shadon likes one and feels a bit eh about the other, and Vorgelia loves Gunbuster and wants nothing more than to shoot Diebuster into the sun. And like the sun, things will get heated!

So strap in as we give you the first half of all our all encompassing look at Gunbuster & Diebuster where we answer questions like: Was Gunbuster the very definition of the 80s before the 80s was over? Can Shadon stop referencing that one damn book he loves? Can you totally see Vorgelia’s face even though you can’t see it? And what differences are there between the two works and why do we all feel so differently about them? Find out on this episode of Warui Deshou!

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00:00:53 – Introduction & Opening Question

00:23:30 – 5.6 Billion Years In The Future

00:25:15 – My Heart’s At Zero Gravity

00:26:07 – Gunbuster & Diebuster – Background, Context & Recommendations

01:46:09 – Fanfiction, orated delightfully by the First Lady of Warui Deshou

01:55:35 – Gunbuster & Diebuster – Spoilerific Discussion (Part 1 of 2)

03:07:53 – You Got The Power

03:10:16 – S Rank

Featuring the music of:

Machine Center – Phantasy Star IV OST

Muffet’s Theme – Toby Fox (Undertale OST)

You’re The Best Around – Joe Esposito

Cosmic Girl – Jamiroquai

The Royal Teens – Short Shorts

Ragtime Revolutionaries – Chicks Dig Giant Robots (Megas XLR OP)

Raison d’etre – Nightmare (Claymore OP)


Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake

Freshco – Gum Gum Rap

Stan Bush – The Touch


And clips & effects from:

The Wings of Honnemaise, Family Fortunes, Gunbuster, Diebuster, Mass Effect,

Zyvox’s Computer is voiced by Code Welt.

Garzey’s Wing on Mystery Bando Theater 19XX

This episode of Mystery Bando Theater 19XX we are conquered by the awful of Yoshiuki Tomino‘s 1999 dumpster fire, Garzey’s Wing. Vorgelia is back with Shadon and TheSubtleDoctor to laugh and laugh at quite possibly the worst (best?) English dub of all time.

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Shoji Meguro “The Days When My Mother Was There”
Problemz & Main Concept “Who Got The Flavor?” (instrumental mix)
Army of The Pharaohs “Tear It Down” (instrumental mix)
Michael Kelly “CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown”