Episode 10: Macross Delta / Part 1 of 2

Tis the season to be jolly, with a dash of bah humbugs to boot, as Warui Deshou does a sequel episode and covers the 2015 anime Macross Delta! Featuring dazzling special effects, domestic terrorism allegories, dozens of musical numbers, crushing expectations and an all star voice cast from anime good and wretched, roast some chestnuts over an open fire and drink plenty of egg nog as Shadon, The Subtle Doctor and Vorgelia recount their favourite characters, scenes and begin talking about the themes of Shoji Kawamori’s latest dyanmite show, Macross Delta!



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00:00:00 – Introduction & Spoiler Free Discussion

01:04:12 – Fanfiction – The Blazemaster Tequila Special!

01:16:44 – Spoilerific Discussion; Characters, Scenes & Themes
03:20:03 – Warui Deshou Holiday Message & Outro


Featuring the music of:


Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper

Blazblue Calamity Trigger OST – Black Onslaught

HINA – Axia

Michael Kelly – CALICOMP 2.0 Shutdown

Walkure – Absolute Zero

Walkure – Giraffe Blues

Walkure – Ikenai Borderline
Walkure – Silent Hacker

Walkure – Rune Ga Pikatto Hikattara

Vivaldi – Four Seasons


And clips & effects from:


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1, Fateful Findings by Neil Breen (yes, really), Freesound.org, Tekken: The Motion Picture


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