The Fan Service Question Or: Do Ethical Defects Mar Works Of Art?

Is an ethical defect of a work of art relevant to its aesthetic evaluation?

We haven’t really done a topical, non-anime-specific show before. Let us know if you like it and want to see more.

Subs & Shadon (and their squeaky office chairs) use the oft-discussed anime trope of fan service to explore some more general questions re: aesthetics, media and art. We were inspired to have this discussion after watching an excellent video by Ollie Thorn aka Philosophy Tube on this very topic:

Ollie defines the concept of an ethical defect and explores some possible answers to the question posed above. We also echo the definition and proceed to have a far less concise discussion about all the topics mentioned earlier.

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中路もとめ; “PAPAYA”
Michael Kelly “Every Day Is Night” (Live Arrange)
Lady’s Only “Digital Tattoo”
Michael Kelly “CALICOMP 1.1 Shutdown”


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