Stream Of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 23

Stream of Thought is Warui Deshou’s “episodic blog,” our takes on currently airing shows as they air, one episode at a time.

Subs and Shadon discuss episode twenty-three of Winter 2018’s Darling In The Franxx.

Intro music 01 – 12: SUI UZI // “Smooth Talk”
Intro music 13 – 24 Prelude 88 // “Can’t Stop Loving U”

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4 thoughts on “Stream Of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 23

  1. Don’t regret watching, just 20 minutes a week, it’s not much. I had my share of fun.
    What still surprises me is Subtle Doctor.
    Years ago I took the decision to, from time to time, watch something that I “knew” wasn’t very good or not for my tastes. Not watching just what I liked and would please me would be a good thing, I thought… At those occasions I can see good parts, when they exist, but not how Subtle Doctor does. Until the very end he searches for a positive view, he still believes that some events are there with all the good intentions. He still have faith in the creative staff, even when the show betrayed his hopes and proved him wrong time and time again.
    The portrait of a healty man living a honest and happy life, gets me feeling a bit jealous.

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  2. Small gentle correction: with reference to the speculation about the physiology of the Nines, I believe the contemporary accepted term is “intersex” (I’m given to understand that using “hermaphrodite” in reference to person is somewhat offensive now).

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