Stream Of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 22

Stream of Thought is Warui Deshou’s “episodic blog,” our takes on currently airing shows as they air, one episode at a time.

Subs and Shadon discuss episode twenty-two of Winter 2018’s Darling In The Franxx.

THIS WEEK we’re joined by special guest James Beckett. He writes about anime, including episodic reviews of Franxx, over at Anime News Network, and his blog is

Intro music 01 – 12: SUI UZI // “Smooth Talk”
Intro music 13 – 24 Prelude 88 // “Can’t Stop Loving U”

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One thought on “Stream Of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 22

  1. At the end, “we”, the public at large, aren’t really being that hard with FranXX.
    When you go see what other people are saying about, and pointing on, when you hear this podcast you discover much more than what you had already noticed by yourself and it’s almost frightening. “FranXX is really THAT bad?”.
    This went beyond “it’s so bad that it’s good”.
    There’s some beauty in this.

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