Stream of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 17

Stream of Thought is Warui Deshou’s “episodic blog,” our takes on currently airing shows as they air, one episode at a time.

Subs and Shadon discuss episode seventeen of Winter 2018’s Darling In The Franxx.

Intro music 01 – 12: SUI UZI // “Smooth Talk”
Intro music 13 – 24 Prelude 88 // “Can’t Stop Loving U”

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One thought on “Stream of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 17

  1. About what Shadon asked, about what Alfa Nine said (1:22s). What I understand is that natural reproduction was abolished, and reproduction is in that world they live, engineered. And they don’t perform reproduction using only the spermatozoa and ovules, they mix the DNA directly, thus reproductive organs aren’t necessary anymore. So, sexes and genders are deprecated, if they want the can make new lives mixing DNA from “male and male” and “female x female”.
    This is what I understand.
    And now… I think I said before that this podcast says so much that at the end there’s not much left to comment, that’s why I’ll write this one, because is something that I disagree lightly.

    Maybe Shadon is “criticizing too much”.
    Let me explain.
    I understand that when watching something “problematic” we may get annoyed by “toxic discourses”. I’m learning a lot with this big community and friends, about different points of view and personal struggles, I sympathize with their gripes. However in cases like this one I got the feel that much of the criticizing that the work receives should be direct instead to the creators. If the creators have some “problematic views” that they’re pushing in their works they should listen this feedback directly. But even if the work is a creation of someone with “problematic views” it can still “makes sense”. There’s a bunch annoying thing in FranXX’s world that for the more that I don’t like I can understand being there. In that artificially constructed and limited world some things are how they are, differently from the real world. We as viewers can point the differences, but to judge like if the story was happening here, in our world with it’s logics, it’s futile.
    A daring example, Futoshi saying “my Kokoro”.
    It’s kinda ridiculous, but he saying that phrase don’t necessary makes him “a creep” maybe. Remember the world he lives, the little he knows. He and Kokoro were only a pair before because “they were given to each other by Papa with his blessing”. They weren’t together by their own choice, it was because someone decided for them, like with everything about their lives, it was “given” to them.
    The same logic applies to other bits.
    By our own logic nothing there makes sense, but maybe some bits can make some sense in that world. It’s still annoying having to watch all this, but like I said, maybe are things that are there because of how that world works, not because it’s trying to push some of that world view to us here.

    I don’t know the authors, what type of person they are, how deep they are in Abe’s Agenda” (the birthrate problem is real there for what I know). Maybe they have some things they want to say and those things are not good, but we are watching and discussing FranXX, an anime, not a piece of propaganda right? Let’s be careful to not lose our minds because of something so stupid like this anime’s plot.
    At least is what I’m trying to do for some time… despite being aware of this little dilemma, the “risk” of “allowing” these shitty scripts to be broadcasted without consequences. Same reasoning why when something good comes, like Devilman, it’s praised and recommended.


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