Stream of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 1

Stream of Thought is Warui Deshou’s “episodic blog,” our takes on currently airing shows as they air, one episode at a time.

Subs and Shadon discuss episode one of Winter 2018’s Darling In The Franxx

(note, Subs was trapped in a blizzard without access to good quality recording equipment, so he audio is not the greatest…this will be amended for future episodes)

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One thought on “Stream of Thought: Darling In The Franxx – Episode 1

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room first before I forget what I was thinking while listening.

    By the title (“Love in the Engineered Chromosome XX”) makes sense that that society would be hetero-normative, probably. They’re exploring a biological aspect of living beings, there’s no escape from it, but aside from the children that could become pilots it should be irrelevant if anyone else is hetero or not.
    Anyway, what picked my curiosity and I feel that I kinda disagree is about what I heard about that chinese myth, about it being “old”.
    I believe that if you go back in time societies don’t become progressively less gender egalitarian. It varies from time to time and society to society. For what I know same-sex relations was frequently not a ill-looked and prohibited thing in ancient times in a lot of places, and also don’t appear to be direct related with the degree of gender equality at that same time.
    However in this case maybe the interpretation is true. That myth sounds like a Confucian thing, about each one in a familiar relationship playing their especified role.

    Moving on…
    – I said that I would watch a Trigger series before the second episode was aired because I wanted to get more familiar with the these people style. I managed to do it in time, I watched all of Gurren Lagann, and now it’s too much to dream that you guys will switch Kill la Kill for Gurren Lagann?

    – This whole first episode was a bit annoying to me. The eccentric girl, the gratuitous nude scene, “panties”, “allergies of panties”, the side cast that understand the protagonist much better than him knows himself, male characters talking onscreen with butts and breasts, etc, etc.

    – The premise may be baffling but it’s actually promising. There’s a lot of care in making the art thematic consistent, the girl’s plug suits is inspired on japanese matrimonial dresses, it seems. It’s hard to believe that a dumb anime for otakus could do something really good with these delicate themes but I’m inclined to believe in the best, even more now that I just finished Gurren Lagann (while not so perfect). It’s still hard to believe that Oni would see something so fast in Hiro to call him “darling” but they’re the MCs… “shikata ga nai”.

    – In the end, I expect nothing from this anime. My wish was to watch Koi wa Ameagari with you guys, but you choose to comment on Darling, so I had no choice. Gurren Lagann was an anime that didn’t appeal for me, so it was good that I finally watched, I really liked. Maybe the same can happen with Darling.


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