BONUS EPISODE – Gimme Shelter


On October 18, the year-long collabo between Porter Robinson, Madeon and A-1 Pictures bore fruit in the form of a gorgeous, six-minute music video.  It’s 2016, and this is the internet, so naturally a couple of controversies sprang up around the video’s launch.  Mods of the anime subreddit declared a ban on the discussion of Shelter, since it didn’t conform to the site’s stated definition of anime.  This ruling would be overturned later, but what couldn’t be taken back were the death threats lobbed at the moderators.

Vorgelia, Shadon and The Subtle Doctor dive in and discuss what makes anime anime, whether or not artists should be responsible for behavior their art may incite, making bikes, the moons of Jupiter, Hulk Hogan, and…oh, they also discuss the music video itself!

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Time Codes

00:00:00 – Description and discussion of Shelter: The Animation

00:37:19 – How do you define anime?

01:16:48 – Are artists responsible for the behavior their art may lead to?

01:44:56 – Closing, contact info, etc.


Porter Robinson ft. Madeon – Shelter

Kohei Tanaka – Final Fusion

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

Rick Derringer  – Real American

Ray LaMontagne – Shelter

Watch Shelter via Porter Robinson’s official YT Channel or at CrunchyRoll.

In light of the recent discussion of the demarcation problem of anime, ANN posted a list of co-productions designed to further facilitate discourse.


6 thoughts on “BONUS EPISODE – Gimme Shelter

      1. I think… nothing.
        It’s just that I see commentaries like it was something big, something new, the future of anime, anime is saved, etc, same old story. Then I watched and saw nothing, just an ordinary AMV. “There’s something I’m nothing seeing here?” is what I think.
        You guys putting a whole cast about it makes me curious. But enough, gonna hear now.


      2. Well, while I do like Shelter and think it’s a cool new thing, I don’t think it’s any of those hyperbolic things you mentioned. Also: technically, it is not an AMV. Those are fan creations, mashing together two distinct creative items. A fan hears a song and thinks that it will go together with visuals from an anime he has seen. Shelter was made from the ground up /as/ a music video. This is the form that it was envisioned to take all along, like Interstella 5555.


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